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Full Moon in Libra (Super Moon)

We have a Supermoon coming up ( 16 Saturday April ). A Supermoon means its closer and brighter to earth, from a spiritual and energetic place its more "potent".

As this full moon falls in the sign of Libra it calls for " balance" .

This full Moon is a time to feel into which relationships or partnerships enhance your life’s mission and which ones ultimately take you away from it. This is not just romantic relationships but family ,friendships etc as well.

We need to find balance ( symbiosis ) with self and others.

Awareness of self and others. The Libra moon calls us to stop, collect ourselves, and focus on ways to invite more calming, harmonious energy into our hearts & sacred spaces. Libra finds great joy in the lovely, simple pleasures of life - fresh flowers, tidy spaces, natural beauty, romance, silliness, and freedom, to name a few. Open up your heart and Throat chakras .

Full Moons are always a time of release and forgiveness, and this Moon is one of both. It helps us clarify in our minds which relationships need shifting and which may need release.

It’s OK to not always feel centered. When we feel unbalanced, though, it’s important to recognize these feelings and take the appropriate measures to create calmness within—preferably before interacting with other people ( do the shadow work! )

Remember that this is the first Full Moon of the new astrological year. Take the opportunity to set the stage for how you want to be treated both by yourself and ot

hers over the next twelve months.

See below link self introspective questions to ask yourself as you release :


Psychic Nadi

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